Who’s Your Valentine?

Valentine’s Day can be hard. Especially if your a single woman for every Valentine’s day for the past who knows how many years?  To be honest, I usually approach Valentine’s nonchalantly:

“Oh, it’s just another day. It’s a coupley thing. I’ll have a Valentine next year.”

And then on Valentine’s day, I am overly depressed. I start eating chocolate at 9:00 in the morning. I check facebook every 5 minutes, just to see if some one loves me enough to send me SOME sort of notification (whether or not it’s a candycrush invite or…whatever!) But I’m approaching Valentine’s Day all wrong! It’s a day of love. It doesn’t matter who or what your love is for.  So in honor of St. Valentine and the day which we have appointed to him, here is a list of 14 things I love:

1. London

2. My family (no matter how much we fight)

3. Traveling

4. Shopping

5. Spending time with my sisters

6. Cooking

7. Chatting with friends

8. Beauty products

9. London

10. The color red

11. Volunteering

12. My education

13. London

14. Did I mention London?

So perk up! Valentine’s day is never a bad day. Take the time to admire, love, and express gratitude for the things that you love today.

If you go through the day, and still find yourself unhappy, here’s my advice to you: Call up another single friend, chances are they aren’t happy either. Get a SMALL tub of icecream (like those personal Ben and Jerry’s  tubs) and watch an action-packed movie! Or make a list like I did and either do one of those things on your list today, or tell one of the people on your list how glad you are that they are in you life!

Sassy on,

Mary Jane xx

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